PNW Quizzing General Assembly Meeting Minutes

The general assembly of the PNW Quizzing ministry organizations meet over Zoom. The organizations represented were:

CBQ system adoption

David moved that PNW Quizzing adopt the CBQ system. Annie seconded. Unanimous vote in favor of the motion.

See also: CBQ Rule Book

Club lists ratification

Paul moved that we ratify the Club lists (100 and 250) that was previously sent to the General Assembly. Jenny seconded. Unanimous vote in favor of the motion.

See also: 2023-2024 Club Lists

Season schedule and hosting locations confirmation

The General Assembly worked through the season schedule and resolved who would be and would likely be hosts for the various meets. The General Assembly also agreed to the provisional dates.

See also: 2023-2024 Season Schedule

Memorization schedule

At the previous meeting, it was resolved to reorder the GEPC season to EPCG for better alignment with calendar breaks. However, given that there's a possibility we could have a combined us-and-Nazarene-Quizzing meet, we thought it would be better to have our memorization schedules more align. But some quizzers may have already started memorizing Ephesians.

The General Assembly resolved to reorder the books to EGPC to both support an optional merged meet with Nazarene and honor the memorization work already done by some quizzers.

See also: 2023-2024 Study Schedule

Great West Invitational

The General Assembly agreed that for Great West, we will invite quizzers by year-to-date average, but we will require quizzers to be eligible by their tracking of their memorization of at least 50% of the material at the synonymous quality level or better. Coaches will have the final say as to whether a quizzers of theirs has fulfilled this requirement.

Board appointments

The PNW Quizzing Board of Directors for the GEPC season are: