Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Bible Quizzing?
Bible Quizzing is a scripture memory and competition program for youth. Each year a portion of the New Testament is designated as the "material" which constitutes the competition material. This material follows an 8-year rotation. The competition takes place in the form of "meets" where all quizzers compete against each other in "quiz" format.
What are the benefits of Bible Quizzing?
You gain many great things from quizzing:
Who is eligible to quiz?
Any youth who will be 18 or younger at any point during the quiz season and has adequately to their local ministry organization's head coach demonstrated maturity sufficient to be a quizzer may participate.
What is the yearly format?
The PNW Quizzing Calendar is as follows: Introductory Scramble Meet (for fun) in September, 3-5 District Meets between October and March, Great West Invitational in April, District Championships in April/May. All teams attend District Meets. Qualifying Individuals attend Great West Invitational. Qualifying teams attend District Championships.
Isn't Bible Quizzing a large time commitment?
Yes, Bible Quizzing is a large time commitment. However, besides the 5 district meets, the time commitment can vary from quizzer to quizzer. The very best quizzers will likely be putting in a minimum of 3+ hours of studying each week, while the less-serious or "social" quizzers may put in that much in a month. PNW District has no studying requirement whatsoever. Some churches choose to institute a memorization requirement or have quizzers set goals at the beginning of the year, but this is handled on a church-by-church basis. Coaches always encourage quizzers to complete school homework before quizzing study, so as not to raise the ire of parents! In general, you seldom hear someone who wishes they spent less time engaged in quizzing; the sentiment is always they wish they had spent more!
You want me to memorize how many verses?
You'd be surprised what you're capable of with a little determination and discipline, alongside friends who encourage you and compete with you. Start by memorizing just a few, and if you get those down, forge forward for more.
What are Key Verses?
Every year a list of verses are designated as Key Verses. These verses are considered to have significant spiritual value and whose meaning can stand on their own. They are meant to encourage quizzers to memorize these verses first.
How does Individual Scoring work?
Detailed team and individual scoring information can be found in the rule book.
What is the Scramble Meet?
The Scramble Meet is a fun meet that "scrambles" kids up into teams. They meet tons of new friends outside their church! The meet doesn't count for anything during the year. It also doesn't have the normal registration costs. We split the kids into a Senior division and a Junior division. All this is meant to be a low-pressure introduction to quizzing. Ask anyone who's been to one--they absolutely love this meet!
What is the Great West Invitational?
The Great West Invitational quiz meet takes place in April, between the last District Meet and District Championships. PNW has historically taken the top 20-25 quizzers as determined by year-to-date average post the last District Meet, forming 5 teams. Quizzers that qualify are not obligated to attend. The meet is also attended by similarly elite teams from Canada. This meet is a great way for the best quizzers to compete against fantastic competition and meet other quizzers from other districts. The costs for each quizzer are partly subsidized by PNW.
What is Internationals?
Internationals is the highest level of quizzing competition in C&MA Bible Quizzing. PNW has historically sent one team of 5, comprised of the top 5 quizzers based on season ending average. Quizzers that qualify are not obligated to attend. Internationals is a breathtaking display of mastery of the material by over 100 quizzers. Internationals takes place over 6 days in June at various locations around the country. The costs for each quizzer are partly subsidized by the district.
What does it take to start a Bible Quizzing program at my church?
The main thing a new quizzing program needs is a dedicated coach; someone who can run practices, attract teens to the program, and handle the logistics. This coach is rarely a youth pastor. As cost is a large issue, go here for a tool that closely estimates expected costs. Additional questions can be submitted via the Contact Us form. More often than not, the church does not need to financially support the bible quiz program.
I know nothing about Bible Quizzing. How could I possibly start a program?
There are many experienced officials and coaches who are happy to help you get started! Very little quizzing-specific knowledge is required, just a passion to get teens in the Word and an ability to manage a program. The details will come with time and everyone you meet will be happy to answer questions.
How can I volunteer in Bible Quizzing?
There are many ways! First off, if your church is involved with Bible Quizzing, we need 6 meet hosts per year. As some churches are too small to host, this puts the emphasis on the remaining churches. Being willing to be a host is greatly appreciated! Also, at meets we need scorekeepers. Leadership roles also do open up from time to time and when they do, they are a huge need. Being active in your home church, whether it's as a coach, helping bring new quizzers to the program, volunteering your van for transportation, or many other ways, all help Bible Quizzing to be what it is, an opportunity to change the lives of teens through God's Word.
What if I have questions?
If you know you want to start a quizzing program, email the District Coordinator. All other questions can come to me (Scott Peterson), and I'll either answer them or direct your question to someone who can.