Club Lists

The purpose of these lists is to encourage studying outside of the key verse list (whether beyond it, or instead of it). The problem with typical "Club 100" or "Club 200" lists, or the key verse list itself, is that the majority of quizzers who don't go for full-material all end up studying the exact same set of verses, while the other verses get neglected and aren't jumped on in consolations and easier prelims. This can also be discouraging to newer quizzers who maybe put a lot of study time in but aren't able to win the jump against everyone else when one of those hotly-contested questions get asked.

We've thus made three "thematic" Club Lists. The hope is that we can diversify the material knowledge within PNW while also finding a way during awards to recognize and acknowledge the quizzers who have quoted at least one of these three lists for each meet's material.

You'll notice there are three "difficulties" so to speak, with one shorter list, one longer list, and one medium list. All three lists are significantly shorter than the key verse list, which will be 311 verses next year; while the short and medium lists below ("Parables" and "Narratives") are hovering around the typical key verse count in recent years past.


193 verses

Every parable in the material, plus some metaphors and other figures of speech.


229 verses

A sampling of the important stories in Matthew. Great for studying Situation questions.

Miracles and Prayer

256 verses

Verses and stories about Jesus' miracles and other extraordinary happenings, as well as verses about prayer. Also great for studying Situation questions.