Youth Protection Practices

PNW Quizzing (also known as "the district") strives to create and maintain a safe environment for all youth who participate. To the best of our ability, PNW Quizzing leadership and other volunteers must safeguard the youth they come into contact with and protect them from abuse.

No 1-on-1 Interactions Involving Youth

PNW Quizzing prohibits any private 1-on-1 interactions between adult-to-youth or youth-to-youth while at district-sponsored quiz meets or other district-sponsored events or while enroute to or from such where the travel is conducted by the district (as in the case of Great West or Internationals).

Travel Conducted by PNW Quizzing

Travel conducted by the district (as in the case of Great West or Internationals) is required to:

Youth Safety Failure Incidents

Youth safety failure incidents include:

Emotional or verbal abuse
The use of fear, humiliation, or verbal assaults to control the behavior of another. Examples include rejecting the person, preventing him or her from developing normal social relationships, and making derogatory statements about his or her race, ability, intellect, tastes, or personal appearance.
Physical abuse
Physical contact intended to cause pain, injury, or other physical suffering or harm.
Failure to provide the food, shelter, or medical care that is necessary to well-being.
Sexual abuse or harassment
Engaging in or arranging implicit or explicit sexual acts. Includes non-touching offenses, such as voyeuristic behavior, indecent exposure, or sharing pornographic material. Sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, or verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature. Written or spoken sexual epithets or jokes or references to sexual conduct.

Mandatory Incident Reporting

Should anyone (youth, coach, parent, official, volunteer, etc.) become aware of any youth safety failure incidents, they are required to report the incident to either a coach, an official, or the District Coordinator. Any coach or official upon receiving a incident report shall summon the District Coordinator.

The District Coordinator and any others receiving a report shall:

Mandatory Incident Handling

Upon documenting the allegation, the District Coordinator shall: