Christian Bible Quizzing (CBQ) Rule Book

The PNW District uses the Christian Bible Quizzing (CBQ) Rule Book for its rules system:

PNW-Specific Rules Settings

Note that in addition, there are certain PNW-specific rules settings that we use under the CBQ rule book. These are they:

Club List Weighting

The club lists will be weighted as follows:

New Material Versus Old

Season Individual Averages

Quizzer individual averages are computed as follows:

Meet Cancelation due to Inclement Weather

The Board of Directors will decide if a quiz meet needs to be canceled due to inclement weather. If individual quizzers or whole teams of quizzers are unable to attend a meet due to inclement weather, the Board of Directors will determine if such absences are justified, and such determination will not be unreasonably withheld.

For individuals missing a meet due to weather:

For teams missing a meet due to weather: