Pacific Northwest Bible Quizzing Standard Operating Policies

The following are the Standard Operating Policies, hereinafter referred to as SOPs, of Pacific Northwest Bible Quizzing, hereinafter referred to as PNW.

These SOPs are managed by the Board of Directors of PNW as per the PNW Bylaws.

Documentation Availability

All documentation for PNW should be made easily available to all participants in PNW by publication on a web site and a network file sharing system.

Whenever possible, these documents should be made public. The exception to this whenever there are names of quizzers listed, in which case the documents should be made private, restricted to participants in PNW.

Rules Codification

The Rules Subcommittee is responsible for overseeing the rules codification of PNW. Rules codificiation should begin with the IBQ rule book, accepted as the base set of rules. The Rules Subcommittee should then develop a Pacific Northwest Bible Quizzing Rules document that provide overrides and adjustments to the IBQ rules as deemed necessary and appropriate by the Rules Subcommittee.

Additional Documents

In addition to this SOP, there are sub-SOP documents that should be considered included as part of PNW's overall SOP. These documents are:

Quizzer Eligibility

PNW Quizzing recognizes that coaches (ministry organization Quizzing program leaders) are the best able due to their proximity to and time with Quizzing participants to determine the appropriateness of eligibility of each participant for their Quizzing teams. Therefore, head coaches are the ultimate decision-makers as to any given quizzer's eligibility for participation. However, all quizzers will be held to the standards of conduct described in Quizzer Behavioral Expectations.

Specific Roles

The following a specific, single-person roles and their responsibilities. Any responsibility of any single-person role may be delegated by that person in that role to another person or duly designated subcommittee of the Board of Directors. When such delegation occurs, the District Coordinator should be notified.

District Coordinator

The following are prerequisite requirements for candidates to fill the position of District Coordinator:

The District Coordinator should appoint a person to be a private adviser, someone who can offer candid and independent feedback to the District Coordinator. Ideally, this person should be a former District Coordinator and not sit on the Board of Directors.

Rules Subcommittee Leader

In addition to leading the Rules Subcommittee, the Rules Subcommittee Leader shall either do or work through the subcommittee to have done the following:

In addition, the Rules Subcommittee Leader shall be the final authority on all protests at meets. If the Rules Subcommittee Leader is the quizmaster involved in the protested quiz or otherwise has a conflict of interest, the District Coordinator will be the final authority.

Meet Direction and Logistics

The District Coordinator will appoint a Meet Director, a Meet Logistics Manager, and any other ad hoc roles for each meet. The combined responsibilities for these positions are as follows:

Statistics Management

The District Coordinator will appoint a Head Statistician for each quiz season. The Meet Logistics Director for a given quiz season is responsible for the following:

The statistician is the final authority on statistical disagreements. Scoresheets that are not initialed by a coach are considered final when they are handed to the statistician.

Special Meet Roles

The following are roles for special meets, such as Great West Invitational and Internationals, and their responsibilities.

Great West Invitational Coaches and Officials

Great West Invitational (GWI) coaches and officials are self-nominated and ratified by the Board of Directors.

Responsibilities include:

In addition, coaches will handle all coaching responsibilities for their assigned team during GWI.

Internationals Coaches

The Internationals coaches are self-nominated and ratified by the Board of Directors. The responsibilities of the Internationals coaches include:

Special Meet Policies

The following are rules related to special or non-standard District meets.

Great West Individual and Team Specifics

The default pattern for quizzer selection to the Great West Individual (GWI) will be:

Quizzers ranked 1st and 2nd are locked onto team PNW1, and for quizzers ranged 3-8, the coaches of PNW1 and PNW2 may negotiate to create the best possible 2 teams. The Board of Directors will settle any disputes.

Worship attendance at GWI is required for all quizzers unless excused by a PNW chaperone. Curfews at GWI will be consistent for all PNW quizzers.

Any changes to these policies will be decided by the Board of Directors and must be before District Meet 5.

Internationals Individual and Team Specifics

The default pattern for quizzer selection to the Internationals will be:

The Board of Directors may make the decision to taking more than 1 team to Internationals. If so:

A week after District Meet 5, the Board of Director will communicate a strong intention to either stay with one Internationals team or to take a second team. This decision will be contingent upon transportation and financial viability and head coach availability.

Quizzers must declare their intent to attend Internationals by District Meet 5. That decision can be contingent upon final cost to each quizzer.

There is a quoting requirement for all quizzers planning to attend Internationals:

If 5 quizzers do not meet the quoting requirement in a given quiz year, the the remaining members of the team will comprise of the top-placing individuals who did not meet the requirement.

The head coach has latitude for setting practice requirements. Any dispute shall be decided by the Board of Directors.


The following are the fees associated with quiz meet attendance:

For clarification:

In addition:

Host Facility Reimbursement

Every facility that hosts a quiz meet will receive:

Weather Minimums

There may arise situations where the weather forecast predicts conditions unsafe for travel to, from, or about the meet location.

General Principles: We don't want to cancel any meet, but we have an obligation to cancel whenever the safe outcome of travel is ever in doubt. There isn't an easy way to decide this because there isn't a uniform standard weather minimum for safe travel shared across all drivers, vehicles, and locations. A meet shouldn't be canceled if most teams can safely travel to and from the meet; however, if any coach believes safe travel is in doubt due to weather and declines travel to a meet that isn't canceled, their teams should not be statistically penalized.

The following are the weather-related meet policies: