2023-2024 Proposed Season Schedule

The following are the proposed dates and material ranges for meets in the 2023-2024 season.

This proposed schedule assumes quizzers will start memorizing after Labor Day at a rate of 1 chapter per week, with 1 week of review prior to the first 3 district meets and 2 weeks of review prior to district meets 4 and 5. Note that the book sequence is reordered to make it possible to have fewer intra-book material breaks at the meets.

Classic Scramble™

District Meet 1

District Meet 2

District Meet 3

District Meet 4

District Meet 5

Great West Invitational (GWI)

District Championships (DC)

Adult League

The following are proposed dates for an adult league. We may conduct these virtually or in-person based on interest and opportunity. And we may conduct 1 or more adult league quizzes with full material at District Championships.

League Meet 1

League Meet 2

League Meet 3

League Meet 4