PNW Quizzing General Assembly Meeting Minutes

The general assembly of the PNW Quizzing ministry organizations meet at lunch on Saturday at District Meet 2. The organizations represented were:

Also in attendance was Jeremy Swingle, CMA Quizzing Leadership Team (CQLT) Board Member.

Gryphon Shafer led the meeting.

Switch Participation from IBQ to the "A3" Championship Meet

The assembly engaged in a time of questions, answers, and discussion regarding the essay distributed on November 3, 2022 to the PNW Quizzing board of directors for their prayerful consideration. It advocated for the following change: For this current season, switch PNW Quizzing's participation from Internationals ("IBQ") to a new, different season-end championship meet organized under the principles of "Third Age" of Quizzing, as defined in the essay.

Many in the assembly voiced questions and thoughts regarding the essay and Quizzing.

Kurt McKee made a motion that PNW Quizzing adopt the proposal from the essay, and Andrew Borden seconded. The motion passed unanimously.

Multi-Verse Q/F Questions

Kristine Delamarter made a motion to remove all Quote- and Finish-type questions that span multiple verses and replace them with multiple single-verse questions of the same type as possible, effective immediately. (Someone seconded the motion, but that wasn't captured in the minutes, and I can't recall who it was now.)

Discussion considered various points of view including:

The vote was called and the motion passed but not unanimously. There were at least 2 votes against (presumably of the eligable 10 voters).

Next Meet: Sat Jan 14 at EBC

Our Christmas break is traditionally when quizzers fall behind on their memorization. Gryphon asked the coaches to work with their quizzers to keep them engaged over the holidays. He also asked that if anyone had any ideas or tips for how to do this more effectively to please email them to him, and he would distribute the compiled set to all.

Saturday-Only Meets

Gryphon asked how people are liking the Saturday-only meets so far and the meet schedule. It seemed the general consensus was that Saturday-only meets are good and should remain (at least for now).

Great West Invitational 2023

The Great West Invitational for 2023 will be Thursday-Sunday, April 13-16. There is no longer need to provide proof of vaccination to cross border; however we still need to use the new-ish electronic Canadian pre-registration system. Gryphon will handle all that border logistical stuff.

Gryphon asked if staying in Sandpoint, as we did last season, versus the traditional Coeur d'Alene was something we wanted to repeat, and it seemed the general consensus was that we should stay in Sandpoint that Thursday evening.

Gryphon asked everyone to be thinking about volunteers for vans, drivers, coaches, and officials.

Invitation to Officials' Training

Gryphon asked coaches to chat with their seniors and other adults who may be interested in becoming an official. Any such interested folks should chat with Gryphon about training opportunities now so they can be ready by next season to be an official.