PNW Quizzing General Assembly Meeting Minutes

The general assembly of the PNW Quizzing ministry organizations meet at lunch on Saturday at the Scramble meet. The organizations represented were:

Gryphon Shafer led the meeting.

District Leadership

At District Championships in late April, we voted to expand the Board to include 1 representative per program. The Board is as of this meeting:

Treasurer's Report

COVID shutdowns both hurt and helped the finances as there was very little spend at first, but we also reduced prices for that time frame for virtual meets.

A very basic breakdown of income versus expenditures for the last few years:

We started the 2019-2020 season with $1,691.16 in the account.

We started the 2022-2021 season with $5,889.16 in the account.

We started the 2021-2022 season with $3099.16 in the account.

Resources Announcements

Evangelism and Recruiting

The Body of Christ on the Pacific Coast of the United States has struggled to present an effective and compelling witness of Jesus, animated by the Holy Spirit. In our present reality, cultural Christianity has obscured the Gospel, and an original witness of biblically-grounded salt and light has been lost. As a result, the Body of Christ is seen as nonessential when considering the most complex challenges individuals, families, and communities face on the Pacific Coast. There is a cultural seeking that, by and large, has not found the Church to have answers.

Season Schedule Details