2021-12-11 Rules Committee Meeting Minutes

On Saturday, December 11, the Rules Subcomittee had a Zoom meeting, with 7 able to attend and reach quorum. We voted on the following topics, with the following results:

Given that we have one fewer district meet this year, should we "drop" any of these scores or not when calculating individual scores?

The committee voted to not drop any meets this year. Keep in mind that PNW already has policy for what to do when something such as inclement weather prohibits an entire church from being able to come - but on the individual level, attendance at each meet will count for scoring.

Should the weighting of meet scores stay the same, or should it be changed?

The committee voted to keep the weighting we were using before the pandemic. Since we are not dropping any meets, the first 2 meets will each count for 10% of YTD score instead of the best 2 out of the first 3 meets. This means the weighting will go as follows:

Should we open up District Championships to all teams, or restrict it?

The committee voted to open 2021 DCs to all teams. This was unanimous and also reflects what seemed to be a general consensus at the meet 1 coaches' meeting.

Should we re-evaluate District Championships participation every year?

A motion was raised to conduct a vote for how often the District Champs participation policy should be re-evaluated. The committee voted that until further notice, we will re-evaluate and take a new vote each quiz season. This vote will take place at the soonest convenient point once we have a general idea of participation numbers. We would like DCs to go back to being "exclusive," as this can provide an incentive for quizzers to try harder and memorize more... but right now we think the focus should be maximizing overall participation and excitement about quizzing at all levels. Since many things are in flux with PNW quizzing right now, we think it is important to maintain the flexibility of making this decision on a year-by-year basis. We hope to conduct a Rules Subcommittee meeting early in the year, ideally earlier than December, so that the district can be aware of who is invited to DCs way ahead of time.