PNW Quizzing Executive Board Meeting Minutes

Treasurer's Report

To start off with, we have just about $6000 in the bank currently. I'm waiting for a couple last questions to be answered then I will have a total for you. This is about $1000 less than at the beginning of last year.

Fee structure changes and policies

Secondly, the fee structure changes and policies:

I'm proposing a $20 per quizzer per meet fee which will include the District Championships. There will be no team fees. Please see the proposed budget below for specifics. I've rounded down on the number of the individuals to ensure that we do not count on everyone attending every meet.

Fees will be calculated and invoiced (with a rolling invoice) based on the registered teens at the time of the registration deadline. If a teen gets ill and can't come, the coach would respond to the invoice and that could be deducted at that time. Invoices will be sent the day after registration is due for each meet. Final payment for the year will be due at the time of District Championships whether in person or mailed. Checks should be made out to: PNW Bible Quizzing and can be mailed to PO Box 1949, Port Orchard, WA 98366. Churches/Coaches can structure their fees for the students however they desire with whatever church funding they have.

Budget Change Proposal

I do have one proposed change to the Expenses. Depending on where Internationals is located this year will determine costs. This past year we budgeted $5000 for Internationals, but the total cost was $6840. Kristine graciously has paid for herself and Lincoln for both airfare and registration, but I'd like to up our budget for Internationals to $7000 to make sure the Internationals coach doesn't have that burden on them if airfare is high. Plus registration this year was $2975 for the kids and coaches to go. That doesn't leave much to fly with in today's world in the budget.

2019-2020 Budget

Given that fee structure, I have proposed the following budget for the 2019-2020 season:


Name Quizzers Fee Total
Individuals 80 $20 $1,600
Meets 5 $1,600 $8,000
Dist. Champs 50 $20 $1,000
GWI 20 $150 $3,000
Internationals 8 $100 $800
Total $14,400


Name Cost
Internationals $7,000
GWI $4,300
Awards $1,000
CMA Fee $900
Admin $100
Equipment $100
Total $13,400

Fees for New Churches

I also have a question about the team/individual fees in the past being waved for new churches. Scott states he hasn't done that while he was District Coordinator. So that is one question on the table - do we want to wave any fees, and if so, what percentage of them?

Motions from Treasurer's Report

Motion 1: I move that we set fees to be $20 per quizzer per each District Meet and District Championships. The Treasurer will send each head coach an invoice following each meet. Coaches may make payments at any time, but a ministry's balance should be paid down by District Championships.

Motion 1 Amendment: Invoices will be sent the day after registration is due, not after the meet. This allows coaches to pay at the meet if desired.

Motion passed unanimously.

Motion 2: I move that we waive all fees for ministries in their first year of PNW Quizzing participation.

Motion passed unanimously.

Motion 3: I move that we ratify our 2019-2020 budget as defined in the Treasurer's report but with the Internationals allocation raised from $5000 to $7000.

Motion passed unanimously.

Motion 4: I move that we amend the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) to encapsulate the above decisions and codify the additional practices as outlined in the Treasurer's report.

Motion passed unanimously.