Focus is very important, of course while studying and practicing, but definitely at quiz meets and during quizzes. First, here are some reasons focusing can be difficult:

It helps to be aware of all these things that can be detrimental to your focus and attempt to mitigate them as much as possible.

Here are some reasons focus is important:

Another important aspect of great focus is how it leads into determination and resiliency. All too often, quizzers will make an error or two, and for a host of reasons be unable to recover and refocus, and end up not getting another jump for the rest of the quiz, or erring out on a poor jump. Now, "stemming" that tide of errors is extremely tough mentally, especially when you have 2 errors and an err out is "looming large." It takes experience, mental maturity, mental strength and sharp focus to remain confident in what you have studied, take a deep breath, and attack the next question as if it were the first in a quiz. The ability to turn a seemingly imminent err out into a 4-2 quiz out is huge when it comes to maintaining a high average.

One other quality of great quizzers is a poor memory. Wait, did I really just say that? What I mean by that is the ability to forget an error or a poor quiz quickly. The very best quizzers expect 90's in every quiz and 80+ averages at every meet. Falling short of that often affects your mental state and results in poor subsequent quizzes and/or quiz meets. The ability to forget poor quizzes and remain confident in your knowledge is absolutely necessary to quiz well.