Captaining and Challenging


Captaining involves many responsibilities.

First, you are the leader of your team and it is your responsibility to motivate, encourage and manage your team members. Younger and inexperienced quizzers always look up to older quizzers. They often hold those older quizzers in quite high regard. You have an incredible opportunity to be a leader, teacher and mentor.

Second, you are the "coach" on the stage for the entire quiz. You can give feedback and strategize between every question. You also have the ability to challenge. Challenges should be used to benefit your own team or if you believe the quizmaster has made an incorrect ruling that you would like reversed (this may benefit another team, which is alright!).

To maximize their team's ability, captains need to know the strengths and weaknesses of their team. As the captain is often the strongest quizzer, he/she likely has the ability to "hold back" on questions their teammates are strong on and still quiz out on other questions.

Between meets the captain can check-in with team members to see how their studying is progressing.


Challenging is a privilege granted to captains only (or co-captains if the captain is not on the stage). Challenging gives each captain the opportunity to challenge quizmaster questions and judgments and ensures fairness for all involved.

Some tips: