Reference Questions

Reference questions are daunting for most quizzers as they require 3 advanced things:

So here's what to do: First off, if you've made lists of CR's and CVR's you may already have a good idea what possible questions could be. But let's say you don't, and you've jumped on a reference question and need to quote it and provide your question. Some tips:

Reference Question Lists

Making lists on reference questions is a great way to know what possible questions could be in advance. However, due to their very nature of being vague, Reference Questions are difficult to pick out and write. As you gain more and more experience, you'll get a better and better idea of what these questions look like. But for now, here are some example and tips.


In Hebrews, look for passages that appear multiple times:

The definitive way to write reference questions: Okay, I lied. since the rule book says reference questions are used to distinguish between "similar" material, there isn't a way to make an absolutely "definitive" list. But you can get pretty close.

The biggest tool I used (indispensable to me), was a copy of the material called the "Reference Material" generated by a former quizmaster of ours. It had global key words, chapter key words and key phrases all color coded in their special colors. This made it easy for me to find the red words "chapter key words" to write chapter reference questions, and phrases without any color to write chapter-verse reference questions. You can mostly figure out the chapter key words by using a concordance. This is a time-consuming effort, but well worth it to gain a competitive edge. While you don't have this "reference material", I hope to be able to generate my own copies of the reference material for future years, and may have it available as a resource to quizzers.

Between making a list of obviously similar phrases, using a concordance, and studying reference lists generated from Acme's QuizMaster software, you be able to get a really complete grasp on possible reference questions. Good luck!

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