Bible Translation and Version

CMA Bible Quizzing used the NIV 1984 bible translation for many years. In 2011 Zondervan released a new version of the NIV, called the NIV2011. They subsequently stopped producing the NIV1984 version. Thus, CMA Bible Quizzing was forced to pick a translation other than the NIV1984.

CMA Bible Quizzing made the decision to trial the ESV for the 2013-2014 and 2014-2015 quiz seasons. Because of the reliance on study material suppliers and the need for those suppliers to have ample lead time to prepare, the decision to trial the ESV was made well before the start of the 2013-2014 season. Additionally, the decision on whether to continue with the ESV or switch to the NIV2011 would have to be made well in advance of the 2015-2016 quiz season.

Before Internationals 2014, Jordan York (Life Impact Ministries) sent an email (the exact recipients are unknown), asking for thoughts on the upcoming ESV versus NIV2011 decision.

During Internationals 2014 (July), the Internationals Committee brought in Franklin Pyles of the Canadian CMA, who gave a pro-NIV2011 presentation. A vote was then taken between the ESV and NIV2011. The results of that vote have not been disclosed. An Internationals Committee member asked for the results of the vote and was denied, so not even all the committee members knew the results of the vote.

In October 2014, Jerry Mapstone suggested to the committee that we consider the Holman Christian Standard Bible.

In early November 2014, Scott Peterson of Pacific Northwest District conducted a survey of all the district coordinators of active CMA bible quizzing programs (16 programs between US & Canada). This survey was not requested by Life Impact Ministries or the Internationals Committee, or facilitated by them in any way.

The results of that survey were:

At the November 2014 Internationals Committee meeting on 11/20/14, the Internationals Committee decided to go with the NIV2011 version. Jon Caskey raised the motion and it carried. Lana Haight was the one dissenter.

It is unknown whether the results of the July 2014 vote or the wishes of all the participating districts were considered as part of the vote.

Gail Law of Eastern Canada was interested in the different versions for personal reasons and did a lot of research. She doesn't claim to be a scholar but there's a wealth of information aggregated and synthesized here so we can all educate ourselves likewise.

On 1/27/15, Edna Mapstone emailed all district leaders requesting a vote on the version. The three voting options were: NIV2011, ESV, go with the majority vote.

On 2/10/15, Jerry Maptone emailed the result. Excerpt:

Due to the fact that the vote was a tie vote 7-7 and 3 more votes for going with the majority. A total of 17 votes with 3 not responding due to no contact available. As Executive Director of Life Impact Ministries and Chairman of the International Bible Quizzing Committee I am casting a vote for the NIV2011 version. This breaks the tie and brings the vote to 11–7 (7 votes plus tie breaker vote plus 3 votes for the majority) as the official version to be used starting September 2015. This vote supports the action of the IBQC's decision to use the NIV 2011 version.