Internationals Meet

The Internationals Meet is the culmination of the competitive quiz year for the C&MA denomination bible quizzing programs. The bible quizzing districts are the same geographical districts as the CMA districts. Both USA districts and Canadian districts compete at Internationals.

Districts are allowed to send teams based on the size of the district. To send more than one team, you must have 50 district quizzers per # of teams you are sending to Internationals (e.g. 100 quizzers in the district to be able to send 2 teams to Internationals, 150 for 3, etc).

Internationals teams are not required to have 5 team members. However, almost all do.

Internationals People

Life Impact Ministries, headquartered in York, PA

Life Impact Ministries Website

CMA Bible Quizzing Leadership Team

On April 7, 2015, Dan Wetzel (Vice President Church Ministries C&MA) sent this email regarding a proposal to change the governing structure of C&MA Bible Quizzing:

Districts, Leaders, and Contact Info

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